Motion Graphics

Still images and compilations involving dynamic and eye catching movements. Commonly used in presentations and office TV’s.  Can include 3D aspects.


Still images, videos and text complied into PowerPoint for use in presentations. These can include video and 3D animations as well as motion graphics.

Explainer Videos
Graphical videos created to show and explain a product, service or process. 
Commonly created for social media, presentations and websites.

Other Videos

If you have a video need that does not fit into one of these categories we are happy to take a look and provide a quote for that service.

Work for Agencies

Saddle Bock Commercial Created with New Creature

Oscars Pop Secret Contest Video created for 40/29

Metavivor PSA Created with 40/29

Hogeye Marathon Created with 40/29


Created for Little Moose Studios (Frame by Frame Animation)

Created for Amanda Noelle Design (Point to point animation in the flower)

Explainer Videos

3D Videos

Send details on your project to us and we will give you a

free quote for your video!


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