Web Design, Why do we use WIX?

January 25, 2018

A question we are asked a lot is why do we use WIX?

Why not squarespace or wordpress?


Wix is an easy to learn, easy to use platform with robust template options. We like to teach you how to build and edit your site, competitors make it hard to be the average internet user. Best of all there is a free version to allow you to keep your site live even if you are having financial troubles or are starting a new business and just can't take on a monthly or yearly fee. I use wix for all of my websites and would love to teach you how to use it for yours. 


Below is a comparison from Super Website Builders that may help you make your best choice.


Wix vs Squarespace

Updated on May 24, 2017 by Howard Steele

Should I choose Wix or should I sign up for Squarespace? If you are reading this article, then chances are you are struggling to decide whether to place your future web presence in the hands of the completely rebuilt Squarespace or to try your luck with Wix, probably the easiest website builder out there. We intend to help make that decision a bit easier for you.

We’ve just updated our Wix versus Squarespace comparison, so let’s to dive into the five areas that we feel will impact your decision:


1. Ease of Use

  • Wix. Wix is easy. When you open the control panel for the first time, you get a feeling you’ve been using it for years – it’s well organized, eye-pleasing and really motivating. It’s a real pleasure to work with it.

    You can easily customize your site in a WYSIWYG editing environment simply by dragging design elements and widgets to the canvas. The flipside of this approach – called ‘absolute positioning’ – is that you can’t change your theme in the future.


    You can remodel your existing theme as you wish, but there’s no way to get back to the gallery and choose a new design. The only way to do that is to build another site (from zero) and then transfer your Premium account to it.

    The control panel of Wix is divided into two areas: Dashboard and Editor. The Dashboard lets you easily manage your sites’ settings, and the Editor gives you a total WYSIWYG website creation experience.

    In 2016, the latest update of Wix editor was introduced, making the process of website creation even easier with a more splendid outcome. In particular, the redesigned editor allows to create full-screen video backgrounds, build long-scrolling pages with easy navigation thanks to the new Strips Layout feature; with the new editor, you can give your site a whole new dimension with parallax scrolling effects.


    Furthermore, in Fall 2016 Wix launched Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence – a revolutionary solution that allows to create tailored websites by learning information about website’s person or business. Now Wix ADI is available for such website templates as Business, Blog, Portfolio&CV and some others.

  • Squarespace. Earlier, Squarespace had many UX-related pain points. Luckily, most of these were addressed. The latest version of the builder (Squarespace Seven) is much easier than its predecessor. Nevertheless, it is still inferior to that of Wix. There’s certainly a learning curve. But once you understand its logic, updating your site gets easy and fast.


Wix vs Squarespace. Beyond any doubt, Wix is funnier and easier to use. Squarespace has a more stylish, polished look, but it’s less intuitive. Make sure to check out help videos before you start customizing your Squarespace site.


2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Wix. If your goal is to build a website in one sitting without writing any codes, then Wix might be right for you. It offers enough tools to build a variety of websites: blogs, corporate websites, eCommerce sites and more.

    Most of the features are native options that you can enable directly through the control panel. Others are offered as third-party extensions available through the Wix App Market. This means your site has a potentially huge set of features. Here are some sample apps from the Market: Form builder, Site search, Newsletter signup form, Customer reviews, Appointment booking and more.


    The only downside about the Market is that to get the full-packed experience of the app, you have to pay for it on top of the standard Wix fee. This means your monthly fee can go up to thirty or even forty dollars based on your installed apps. The good news is that most of the apps come with free basic versions.



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