What is Graphic Design?

January 2, 2018


As recent transplants to the Columbia, Missouri area, we love the fact that this area has such a good climate for small business, as well as larger industries like healthcare. What we especially love is how people here do business with in-person, one-on-one meetings.   


As business owners ourselves, we understand the need to make your business stand out amongst the competition. From networking meetings to finding the right marketing materials, conveying how you meet customer needs is vital to your success.  


At Blue Horizon Studio, we do more than create visual images. We use our knowledge of how people react to various elements within digital and print graphic design to help our clients not only convey their message but to influence customer behavior.


How do we do this? The first thing is to define graphic design, which is a concept that few people have a comprehensive understanding of.


What is graphic design?

Simply put, graphic design is the “art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.” That means that we not only create images, but we also combine various visual elements with fonts to formulate an effective message.


We see graphic design everywhere from the design of your logo to spacial renderings and video. You probably most commonly think of graphic design when it comes to designing your business cards or your logo. We also create images for video, websites, e-book covers and the large 3 -D sales displays you see in stores.


Never DIY your graphic design

Let us ask this, where did you get your graphic design materials? Did you hire someone to create your logo then take that and use an online program to create your business cards and maybe a brochure or mailer? Were you pleased with the results from those materials? 


Another common phenomenon we see is that small businesses will host contests or hire a university intern to get their work done. The contests are to see who provides the best logo or other graphic design project with the “winner” being the one who gets paid. Are you truly OK with not paying all the other people who did the work? Would you consider entering such a contest for your services? Probably not. It would take too much time and would diminish your work’s value.


We know that it can be cheaper to try and make your own designs including blog infographics or printed marketing items. This is a situation, however, where you “get what you pay for.” Consider this: when your potential customers try to do your job themselves, how does that turn out for most people? We’re guessing that they would have saved time and money if they had sought your expertise and skill first thing.


It’s the same with graphic design. Programs like Canva are easy to use, but without the knowledge and experience to know how to use colors, white space, fonts, illustrations, photographs, and   other graphic elements to evoke emotion, your DIY designs will not convert. It’s also true that it can be difficult to get an idea on paper (or on the screen) that conveys what you’re trying to say.


One-stop shop graphic design

Another element of hiring any professional agency of any type is finding a company that can handle most of your needs in-house. This helps create consistency and eases communication. Think of it this way; many people prefer all their doctors working in the same healthcare system, correct? It means keeping all the family medical records in one place and having a consistent philosophy of care.


The same is often true in other industries. Do you have your checking account at one bank, your savings account at another bank and your retirement funds at yet a third bank? Most likely not! So why have all your graphic design needs spread among various providers?


By hiring an agency that provides a multitude of graphic design services, you are ensuring brand consistency, saving yourself valuable time and money.


How can we help?

Are you struggling to get you message out there? Or perhaps you have marketing collateral and it’s just not converting like you thought it would. We are here to solve your design problems! We’d love to schedule a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss how we can help make your business successful.


Blog by: Jamie's Notebook


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