Working for a TV Station


Amanda’s experience working for a TV station


In 2015 I spent some time working at a TV station as a graphic artist. Having an art background with no journalism experience, I was not sure what the job would entail. The first day on the job, I was given the best workstation set-up I had seen up to that point: a 45” screen TV above four monitors with two computer towers. That first day consisted of making a nametag for a new member and learning about the format for various online platforms. I was also told that I would need to watch about 12 hours of tutorial videos on how to run the TV station’s graphic system. This system was used to quickly upload graphics into the convoluted live on-air system. Graphic designers around the US would work during the hours leading up to newscasts and create over-the-shoulder graphics for each segment.  As the weeks went by, I created a few graphics for billboards, online ads and the occasional name tag.


Finally, after 3 months, I was given the opportunity to create a promotional video for the Pop Secret Oscars contest. The station would air the video before and during the Oscars. Each video consisted of a code for the day to enter on the station’s website and two winner videos. However, there was an oddity in this.  Even though we were a tv station, we were given only three assets from ABC to use in the promotions. So, I created a glittering curtain from a photo and animated it to open, revealing the prize of popcorn and DVDs. After the promotion was over I spent a few more months doing a few graphics here and there and feeling more and more like I worked too fast for the slow pace of the TV station.


Then I was given the opportunity to create a PSA for Metavivor, a support group for those with metastized cancer. This PSA was to highlight their upcoming charity event called Metsquerade. Creating this PSA was delicate due to the severity of the condition of the members contrasted against the fun nature of a ball. I created a sparkling background and had one of our anchors deliver the lines to frame a video both sensitive and uplifting. After the wonderful experience of creating this video I sat in the station trying not to read subtitles on the 45” screen everyday while trying to look busy. After another few months of this I asked for more work and was given the task of recreating a video used the year before for the Hog Eye Marathon. This was a quick edit and left me with nothing to do yet again. It was at this point I realized there were better ways to use my time. With this in mind, I left the TV station and began freelancing. I have found that as a freelancer I am both faster and more productive throughout my day.



Metavivor Video



Pop Secret



Hogeye Marathon Video

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