What is Blue Horizon Studio?

June 11, 2017


Our journey from contractors to agency has been a journey of learning. Learning about how to increase our output and create more efficient workflow, and most of all codifying our core principles and goals.


As a result, we are pursuing a strategy of brand evolution.  This entails selecting among strategies to maximize our success, measured in terms of satisfied clients and engaged designers.  Client statisfaction is a standard measure across many industries and should be well understood.  Engaged designers, however, may not be as commonly understood.  By matching designers to jobs that they are interested in, they will become more engaged in the creative process, leading to a greater creative outflow and faster turn-around.


Brand evolution also includes greater adaptability.  We are willing to educate ourselves, not just in the specifics of a client's needs, but also in more general terms, such as:

  • Human behavior, to maximize the impact of our designs.

  • Globalization, to understand the greater potential for expanding a client's markets .

  • Political ideologies and their trends as they influence market attention.


We chose the Blue Horizon flower as our logo to represent our commitment to success.  Like the flower, who evolved to attract carpenter bees to ensure its reproductive success, we too look to evolve in whatever manner will allow us to find success.  We look forward to serving our clients' needs with our expertise and our evolving, adaptive strategies.

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